Consulting Engineers South Africa (CESA) is 'Your Partner in Enabling Consulting Engineering Excellence'. CESA represents for its members, a body that promotes their joint interests and, because of its standing, provides engineering services integrity and quality assurance for clients. Over 540 firms employing over 24 300 staff are members of CESA; these member firms range from large, multinational, multidisciplinary suppliers of a comprehensive range of planning, design and project delivery services, to many small- to medium-sized firms that tend to specialise in selected areas of the project delivery process.

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Moving South Africa Forward

The problem of uneven capacity and varied performance is common at local government level. This year marks the 20th anniversary of democratic government in South Africa, and time has shown through numerous service delivery protests that more still needs to be done to achieve universal access towards provision of basic services to communities.

CESA urges President Zuma to rigorously accelerate implementation of NDP

Consulting Engineers South Africa (CESA) envisage that President Jacob Zuma will use the State of the Nation Address (SONA) to emphasize that a rigorous and accelerated implementation of the National Development Plan (NDP) is key to growing the economy of the country and addressing the three triple challenges of unemployment, poverty and inequality.

CESA warns unscrupulous and unqualified contractors and corrupt officials

Consulting Engineering South Africa (CESA) is appalled by the pressure put on its members to certify payment for work not done and will not bow to pressure from greedy, unscrupulous and unqualified contractors and corrupt officials.

“We are concerned and as an organisation that represents this invaluable profession which is the backbone of quality infrastructure, we cannot accept this despicable behavior and conduct to continue unchallenged,” states CESA CEO Lefadi Makibinyane.

CESA – Economic Growth better than Expected

Consulting Engineers South Africa’s latest Bi-annual Economic and Capacity Survey (BECS) –July to December 2013 just released, indicates conditions during 2013 continued to surprise firms. Following on a “better than expected” first six months of 2013 the second half of 2013 also surprised on the upside. The confidence index for the last six months was revised from an expected level of 85.0 to 98.1, as conditions were better than expected. The more upbeat sentiment is maintained for the next 12 months, averaging 98.3 for the first six months of 2014 and 98.5 for the last six months of 2014. The current level is at its best since 2008/09.

Consulting Engineers – not a Commodity but Trusted Advisor

Consulting Engineers South Africa (CESA) President Abe Thela says that consulting engineering services are neither a commodity nor contracting. Thela states that consulting engineers provide independent advice to clients, offer technical advice in the procurement of contractors as well as design and supervision of construction work. “This role can only be played by a ‘trusted advisor’”.

Realising the vision of the National Development Plan

Lefadi Makibinyane, CEO at Consulting Engineers South Africa, elaborates on the critical importance of the consulting engineering profession in the realisation of the NDP.

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2014 FIDIC GAMA ANNUAL CONFERENCE: Local involvement in major projects for sustainability

CESA representatives are attending the GAMA conference in Maputo, Mozambique (23-26 March 2014). The GAMA Conference is the biggest annual networking for consulting engineers in Africa. It is a forum where various entities share and exchange ideologies and methodologies for the provision of consulting engineering services. The conference theme: "Local Involvement in Major Projects for Sustainability" provides an opportunity for the delegates to discuss the role of the African Engineers and the contribution of Consulting Engineers in the development of their countries.

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Ms Lynne Pretorius appointed Deputy President of CESA

Consulting Engineers South Africa is pleased to announce that Ms Lynne Pretorius has been appointed as its Deputy-President. She is a professionally registered engineer that holds a B.Sc Eng (Civil), M.Eng (Transportation). Her professional experience includes a working knowledge of the public sector environment (local Government) as well as private sector involvement as a transportation engineering consultant. Approximately 17 years of project planning experience and problem solving skills in the transportation planning/engineering arena. This includes work on various local and national projects within South Africa.

CESA Aon Engineering Excellence Awards 2014 - Call for Entries

It’s once again time for us to “Call for Entries” to our prestigious Awards function. It is a time when we celebrate and give recognition to our member firms for their innovation, quality, outstanding workmanship and professionalism that they have contributed to enhancing and uplifting the industry, not only in South Africa but around the around the world.

Our Awards offer member firms of all sizes to gain recognition for their fine work in engineering excellence. It would be greatly appreciated if you would kindly forward this email to your Project Managers and Marketing Departments.

For more information on the Categories, Criteria and submission dates of entries, please click on the link below:

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