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Road to Registration for Mentors, Supervisors and HR Practitioners

  • CESA Training Centre, Paulshof, Johannesburg, Paulshof
  • Tue 28 August 2018  08:30 to 16:30


Get Behind Your Candidates!   Make your experience work for them!    In today’s pressurised and demanding business world, engineering firms need all the help they can get to advance their candidates to ECSA registration.   Working on the front-line of SA’s struggle to beat the skills shortage, you can rely on the Candidate Academy to assist you with input and practical tools.

This one-day course is the equivalent course that we offer to candidates to understand and navigate the process to achieve ECSA registration.   This course is offered to those (supervisors and ECSA registered mentors) imparting the practical skills to candidates and those (human resources) who are involved in the rotation and placement of candidates.   It includes the tools to make up a workplace training plan, with digital enhancements to make the planning, tracing and reporting of activities easier to manager for mentors, supervisors and candidates.

Course Outline

·         About ECSA registration

·         Who are our graduates

·         Who is the training team

·         What training is needed

·         How to prepare a training plan

·         Coaching

·         Relationships and attitudes

·         Management and Human Resources

·         Registration process

Learning Outcomes

·         Where your candidates are in the registration process

·         The competencies that your candidates will need to master during their candidacy phase

·         Your roles and responsibilities as a mentor, supervisor, coach or HR Manager in the registration process

·         Coaching and mentoring techniques

·         Understanding your candidates and their needs

·         How the Portfolio of Evidence files are best used to keep track of candidates’ progress and achievements

·         How to take your candidates from novice-stage to competent professionals

Who  Should Attend

The course helps all those in management positions to play a more effective role in the development of candidates.   It is therefore recommended for:

·         Line managers

·         Supervisors

·         Mentors

·         HR practitioners

Type: Course
CESA Validation Num: CESA-862-05/2019
CPD Points: 1
Coordinator: Blessings Banda
Fee: R 3 070.18 excl. VAT
CESA / SAICE member fee: R2 520.18 excl. VAT
  • CESA Training Centre, Paulshof, Johannesburg, Paulshof
  • Tue 28 August 2018  08:30 to 16:30