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Contract Law


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Validated for 1 CPD Point: CESA-1050-06/2020


Whether you are a contractor, project manager, employer, developer, subcontractor or administrator you work with construction contracts. But how many people have been trained in contract law?

How many understand the contractual implications of their decisions? How often are rights given away just because people don’t understand their contracts?

Can you honestly say that you have never found yourself on shaky legal ground?

Everyone in the construction industry is involved with contracts but few people are familiar with contract law. Whether you are an experienced contract manager or a subcontractor new to the industry you should be keeping abreast of contract law. If you don’t know your contract you risk losing the competitive edge.

This is a good basic introductory course for those involved in drafting and working with contracts.  It deals generically with the law of contract and does not focus on any standard-form construction contract. 

The seminar provides:

  • essential information on contractual matters for the construction industry.
  • an update and refresher for those who have attended previous courses.
  • up-to-date, topical information for those who have not attended previous courses.
  • an overview of those provisions of the Consumer Protection Act which affect contractors and professionals.

Learning Objectives

This seminar provides essential fundamental principles of contract as well as updates on recent developments in contract law. Delegates should achieve:

  • An appreciation of the importance of reading, understanding and applying their contracts;
  • An understanding of the common law and statutory law background to contracts;
  • An awareness of common misconceptions around Contract Law;
  • Practical skills in assessing contractual risks and applying this to their contracts;
  • An appreciation of the importance of contractual provisions to the success of a project;
  • An understanding of the risks involved with letters of intent and starting work without agreement on all issues;
  • An ability to foresee and avoid problems when tendering for or awarding contracts;
  • An awareness of common misconceptions around the concept of fairness;
  • An understanding of the basic requirements for a valid contract;
  • An appreciation of the importance of devising customized remedies for breach of contract;
  • An understanding of the principles relating to breach of contract, the remedies therefore, including damages, liquidated damages and penalties
  • An understanding of the implications of time-bars;
  • An overview of those provisions of the Consumer Protection Act which affect contractors and employers.

Who Should Attend

This course is designed to be suitable for those who have had little exposure to construction cases as well as those who are experienced in construction law. It is suitable for all players in the construction industry and for lawyers wishing to gain a greater understanding of construction law.

Our Presenter

Hugh Lane

After studying law at the University of Natal at Pietermaritzburg, Hugh Lane practiced as an Attorney in Durban and Johannesburg. He subsequently had 30 years experience as a legal adviser to the Darling & Hodgson, Malbak and Sappi Groups of Companies, and retired as Senior Legal Adviser to Sappi Southern Africa. He has also been a part-time lecturer on commercial law topics at Damelin Management School and the University of Johannesburg (formerly RAU), and has presented in-house commercial law workshops throughout his career.  His main area of interest is technology law, particularly engineering and construction contracts and research and development agreements. Hugh is an honorary life member of the Corporate Counsel Association of South Africa (CCASA)

Type: Seminar
Validation Number/s: CESA-1050-06/2020
CPD Points: 1
Coordinator: Blessings Banda
Fee: R 3 850.00 excl. VAT