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JBCC Principal Building Agreement and N/S Subcontract Agreement Edition 6.2


This course highlights the process from selecting a suitable standard form contract  for a particular project, the tender process, appointment, administration of the contract with particular emphasis on dispute avoidance in the process  to complete the works on time to the specified quality standard within budget  and the review of the date for practical completion and adjustment of the contract value – including  the suspension or termination of the works and the dispute resolution process. Delegate will also be able to:-

·         Obtain detailed knowledge of the JBCC Principal Building Agreement and the JBCC N/S Subcontract Agreement, and the application of the various JBCC forms

·         Develops skills in contract administration procedures

·         Reduce potential problems resulting from inadequate contract administration


Course Outline

  • Background and history of building contracts,

·         JBCC background and publications

·         Construction Law

·         Pre contract activities

·         Project participants

·         Project risks

·         Procurement + Contract Data

JBCC Edition 6.2 Administrative Clauses

·         General clauses

·         Insurance

·         Duties of the parties

·         Contract Administration: Minute writing

·         Reference to State Clauses

JBCC Edition 6.2 Execution clauses

·         Subcontractors / Direct contractors

·         Setting out

·         Instructions

·         Completion

·         Revision of the date for practical completion  … procedures

·         Penalties and Damages

·         Reference to State Clauses


  • JBCC Edition 6.2 Securities and Payment

·         Securities and Payment

·         Liens

·         Interim payments

§  CPAP adjustments

§  Interest calculations

§  Penalty adjustments

§  Security adjustments

§  Schedule of payments

§  Completion of  JBCC ‘payment forms’

Non payment ?

·         Adjustment of the contract value  … procedures

·         Recovery of expense and/or loss

·         Reference to State Clauses

  • JBCC Edition 6.2 Suspension and Termination

·         Suspension

·         Termination – grounds for …

·         Termination procedure

·         Reference to State Clauses

  • JBCC Edition 6.2 Dispute Resolution
  • Disagreement vs Dispute
  • Mediation
  • Adjudication
  • Arbitration
  • Reference to State Clauses
  • Conclusion 

Learning Outcomes

·         Understand the consequence of ineffective contract administration

·         Establish the effective contract administration procedures

·         Use the clear writing principles in contract administration

·         Master the use of JBCC forms, their purpose and benefits

·         Understand the theory behind standard building agreements

·         Understand the appropriate use of standard building agreements

·         Understand the purpose of the role players in the building industry

·         Use a checklist to limit errors in contract administration

·         Use (electronic) templates provided

Who should attend?

Property owners/developers, principal and specialist subcontractors, consultants generally and principal agents in particular

Type: Workshop
CESA Validation Num: CESA-812-01/2019
CPD Points: 1
Coordinator: Blessings Banda
Fee: R 2 950.00 excl. VAT