School Event

Construction Claims Dispute Resolution & Expert Witness


·         The workshop content is based on current best practice on Dispute Resolution in the Construction Industry , worldwide

·         The workshop highlights the essential differences between the various dispute resolution mechanisms used including:

Ø  Mediation

Ø  Adjudication

Ø  Arbitration

Ø  Litigation

Practical case study based –course based on recent experiences in FIDIC contracts


Course Outline

·         The course highlights the Dispute Avoidance approach as advocated by FIDIC

·         Early forms of FIDIC are examined and the 1999 1st Edition Contracts are discussed in detail with respect to Resolution of Disputes

·         Dispute Review Boards as well as Dispute Adjudication Boards are discussed in great detail

·         The ICC Rules for Dispute Resolution are discussed –this is of great use for those dlegates who may be working in Africa on projects financed by the World Bank and other similar funding agencies


The DAB-when, who –Ad Hoc or Standing

·         The delegates will be introduced to the concepts of the Standing and Ad Hoc DAB’s

·         What is the most appropriate composition of a DAB-Engineers. Lawyers, QS’s ????

·         How relevant are the costs of the DAB in relation to the Contract?

·         Payments to the DAB


The FIDIC/ICC Multistage Approach to Dispute Resolution

·         Determinations by the Engineer

·         Professional Pro-active Contract Management




The 2 Main Categories of Dispute Resolution

·         Consensual  Processes

·         Mediation

·         Conciliation

·         Negotiation, and

·         Adjudicative Processes


Learning Outcomes

·         Current best practice in Alternative Dispute Resolution

·         Selection of DAB’s

·         Application of the “65% Rule”


Who Should Attend

·         Employers, Funding Agencies, Engineers, Contractors , Sub Contractors, Lawyers




This event has been cancelled