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Managing HR Practices

Many consultancies in the SMME area cannot afford the services of a full time HR Manager or department to look after staff related issues, but this does not make these issues are any less prevalent or important. The course has been specifically designed for those people who do the HR function as part of their other responsibilities to address the many HR issues that need to be covered in their organisation.


This highly practical, 1-day course will help delegates to undertake many HR functions including the development of an HR “plan” to help to prioritise the operational, legal, and people needs of their business. Delegates will also learn how to ensure that their organisation complies with relevant legislation and gain an awareness of possible Legal and CCMA issues in order to keep their organisation clear of the labour courts and CCMA.


This intensive course will cover many relevant HR issues affecting SMMEs including:

·         The practical application of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act, and how this translates into controlling things like leave, sick leave and other absences

·         What HR Reports need to be compiled and submitted for your company to comply with Employment Equity, BBBEE, SARS, OHS and other Legislation

·         The benefits of composing a basic “HR Policies and Procedures Manual” that can be used to save time and avoid legal issues at a later date

·         How to attract and retain scarce skills for your organisation through effective remuneration practices and the implementation of a “Talent Management’ system

·         How to set up a proper Employee Induction Program, even if your organisation has only a few employees, and what written and “un-written” company rules should be covered during this program

·         How to manage and evaluate your staff’s performance to ensure they remain productive and add value

·         What steps should you take from a Labour Law perspective, if you have an employee who is underperforming in their job, prior to any form of disciplinary action

·         What your responsibilities are if you are brought news of  harassment or discriminatory behaviour between staff members, and the steps you are obliged to take

·         What procedures you should follow, and the records you need to keep if an employee or contractor has an accident at work - even if it seems minor

·         Sourcing new employees  – dealing with recruitment agencies to ensure you get the best people who fit into your organisation

·         Recruitment interviewing – how to structure the interview to get an accurate view of the candidate not just their “interviewing persona” and an understanding of the legal implications of hiring

·         How the SETA system operates, and the steps you need take to claim training fees back from the Skills Development Levy that your company pays

·         Retrenchment and the Labour Relations Act

·         The importance of the employment contract

·         Effective remuneration setting and structuring as well as benefits

·         The various categories of work permits

·         Professional registration and CPD













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