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Practical Project Risk Management

The Benefits of Risk Management

Project Risk Management includes the processes of conducting risk management planning, identification, analysis,

response planning and monitoring and control on project.

1) Benefits of Risk Management

Disciplined Project Risk Management Provides:

.The tools to identify, analyze and respond to Risk effectively

Project Risk Management also provides the framework for:

.Monitoring and controlling

.Risk Assessment

.Tools and techniques

.Quality Control

2) Benefits of Risk Management for Individuals

.Creates high visibility of project results

.PMI best practices

.Enhances both professional and personal growth opportunities

.Builds ones reputation and network

Develops portable skills and experience

Enhances employability

3) Who should attend this course?

· Team Members

· Administrators

· Designers

· Team Leaders

· Event Coordinators

· Engineers

· Property Developers

· Project Managers

· Programme Managers

· Project Executives

· Project Sponsors

· Project Support Office

· Consultants

This event has been cancelled