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Key Admin Skills for Secretaries & PAs


This seminar is essential for Secretaries and PAs who have received little formal training and who would like to become more effective in all areas of their work.

It is also extremely valuable for those secretaries who feel they need to enhance a certain aspect of their work.

In just one day, you will learn to implement systems and processes to help you succeed as an administrative professional. You will gain actual skills that you can immediately implement and that will assist you to become more efficient, less stressed and invaluable not only to your manager, but to your department as a whole.

Course Outline

Getting More Organised – and finding the time to do it! 

  • Identifying your personal time thieves.
  • Don’t procrastinate! Identify how to get things done quickly and effectively.
  • Organising your day – every day!
  • Organising your boss’ day and maintaining his/her diary.
  • Organising others – make them work your way

Simple Stress Management Techniques

  • Identifying the factors that stress you.
  • Realising the positive effects of stress.
  • Learning the techniques to deal with stress effectively.
  • Saying “no” to unrealistic demands and requests.
  • Offering valuable alternatives when you cannot realistically meet a deadline.

Effective Email Skills

  • Identifying the pitfalls of instant communication.
  • Assessing the dynamics of emails vs. letters vs. the telephone.
  • Writing professional and succinct business emails.
  • Being careful not to become too familiar / informal during email “discussions”.
  • Never sending an email in anger!
  • Storing and rereading unsent emails to ensure accuracy, politeness and relevance.
  • Avoiding private email conversations at work.

Establishing the Secretary’s Role in Meetings

  • Event management skills – guidelines to ensure you organise professional and smooth running meetings and functions.
  • Establishing why an agenda is so important.
  • Tips for taking fast and accurate notes and minutes.
  • Practical tips.
  • An introduction to the EasyScript speed writing methods.
  • Can you interrupt an important meeting to ask for clarification?

Implementing Filing and other Systems to Remain Efficient

  • Establishing a clear policy on what and how to file.
  • Setting up directories and clear data storage systems on your PC.
  • Tips for clearing your in-tray quickly and efficiently.
  • Discovering how an organised desk effects your productivity.

The e-Generation Secretary

  • Efficiently managing your email account. 
  • Tips for limiting SPAM.
  • Effective and practical uses of the Internet eg: sourcing venues and suppliers.                       
  • The most effective search engines & how to use them.
  • Doing business “on the Net” – Internet banking etc.

Business Communication Skills

  • Learning appropriate business communication techniques.
  • Appropriate communication techniques during:
  • Meetings
  • Confrontations
  • After hours business functions
  • Everyday interactions with colleague
  • Body language to avoid
  • Reading others’ tone, language and word choice.

Professional Office Conduct  

  • Avoiding being drawn into office gossip.
  • Effectively managing your workload.
  • Delegating upwards, sideways and downwards!
  • Dealing politely and effectively with difficult colleagues and customers.
  • Consistently meeting deadlines.
  • Never agreeing to do more than you can handle.
  • Practising good public relations to benefit your department / company.

Learning Outcomes

  • Increase your efficiency by learning how to organize your day, your boss’ day and ensure your colleagues understand and respect that you are busy and your time is precious.
  • Implement a logical, easy-to-maintain filing system that ensures you – and your boss or colleagues – can quickly and easily find what is needed.
  • Discover how to interact professionally with managers, directors, staff and customers, reinforcing your position as a capable and competent secretary.
  • Use proven event management guidelines to ensure that the events and meetings you organize are professional and successful and boost your and your department’s profile in the organization.
  • Write professional and to-the-point emails to colleagues and customers that convey your message succinctly, professionally and effectively.
  • Use proven stress management techniques that will help you to remain focused, effective and prevent that haggard feeling at the end of the day!
  • Learn how to ignore or manage those interruptions and non-work distractions that can prevent you from getting your work done.
  • Look the part! – discover key image tips on how to always look professional.

Who should attend?


Personal Assistants
Office Support Staff

This event has been cancelled