School Event

Legal Duties of Designers & Principles of Health & Safety in Design



In this session, we look at the significant impact of designers on the Health and Safety risk profile of a project before going into a detailed look at the individual regulations in section 6 of the legislation.  We uncover some of the anomalies in the regulations and fixes for these.



Having been made aware of the impact of design on project risk as well as design risk assessments, we look at some principles which can be applied to design and design risk assessments.  We finish by going through some examples of these principles in design risk assessments.


Workshop Content:


·         Introduction

·         Designers’ influence on Health and Safety Risk

·         Legislative Framework: OHS Act Regulations, Appointment structures

·         Definitions: Design, Designer, Competent person

·         Construction Regulation 6 Duties of Designer – detail

·         Duties of Designer where Construction Work Permit is required

·         Principles of Health and Safety in Design

·         Design Hazard Identification

·         Design Risk Assessment

·         Hazards Relating to Construction work, Dangerous procedures, Materials, ergonomics

·         Risk control

·         Designer HIRA vs. Contractor HIRA

·         Principles for consideration in Designing for Health and safety

·         Examples of H&S principles used in design considerations


Who should attend:


·         Property Developers

·         EPC & EPCM Contractors

·         Contractors

·         Construction Project Managers

·         Any person/organisation acting as the Clients’ Agent

·         Health and Safety Agents and consultants

·         Department of Public Works officials

·         Architects

·         Engineers (Civil, structural, mechanical, Electrical, Electronic, Fire, Traffic, Process, Computer, Information Technology)

·         Quantity Surveyors

·         Turnkey contractors

·         Interior designers

·         Shop-fitters

·         Landscape Architects

·         Temporary Works designers

·         Temporary Works component designers

·         Health and Safety Agents

This event has been cancelled