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Advanced Tendering Workshop


Advanced Tendering Workshop

Warning! Do not shy away from the legal pitfalls of incorrect strategies in Tenders! What can legally happen when you do it wrong? This is a must attend Workshop for all Companies tendering for government contracts! A workshop focusing on Legal Management of Tenders for Non-Legal People, Bid-Administrators and staff dealing with Public Sector Accounts.

The Workshop will guide you on how to legally manage your Conditions of Contract, Joint Ventures, a Consortium, Sub-Contracting, Collecting Outstanding Payments and Fronting in Tenders. As you know, the tender process is more than just compiling bid documents; it demands that you have a full understanding of the all the legal issues connected to it!

This is a highly interactive workshop that moves beyond showing you how to fill in bid documents and actually sharing with you how others win tenders based on clear winning strategies and a legal understanding of the process.

The Workshop will cover the key Tendering Aspects and Guide you on the following essential issues to improve the legal management of your tenders:


Key Issues Covered in the Workshop

1. Key Principles of Tender Management:

·         How to submit Responsive, Qualified & Valid Bids

·         Request for Quotations (Purchases) and Tenders

·         The 3 x Tendering Committees

·         Closed Tenders Bid Processes

·          Unsolicited Bids

·         Two Envelope System

·         Open vs. Closed Tenders

·         Defaulters (Black Listed Suppliers) & Restricted Directors

·         The 90-10 & 80-20 Point Systems

·         Firm & Non-Firm Prices

·          Tax Clearance Certificates

·          Functionality

·          Local Production & Content

·         Evaluation of Bids

·          Adjudication of Bids

·         Tender Cancellation and Re-invitation

·          Validity Period & Extensions

·         Appeals, Objections & Disputes

·          Extension of Existing Contracts

·         How to Access Tender Reports & Score Sheets

·          Conflict of Interest

·         Supply Chain Practice

·          Collusion Regulations

·         Submitting Alternative Offers & Alternative Bids


2. Correct Application of the 2017 PPPFA Regulations

·         Understanding the Regulations on Joint Ventures & Consortiums

·         Sub-Contracting Regulations


3. Criminal Risk in Tenders through Fronting & Bid Collusion

·         What is Fronting in Tenders and the related Criminal Consequences

·         What is Collusion in Tenders and the related Criminal Consequences?

4: Legal Liability in Tenders

·         Risk to your business under the General Conditions vs Special Conditions of Contract

·         Bona Fide vs Inadvertent Errors in Tender Documents

   Who should attend?

All employees dealing with tenders and responsible for submitting documents, including administrative support staff, secretaries, managers and supervisors.

This event has been cancelled