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Submitting Winning Tenders


Tendering successfully for contracts is the cornerstone of any engineering consultancy’s success. You have to win the work, to do the work. All the planning, budgeting, strategizing, forecasting and problem-solving skills in the world lay to waste if you simply don’t have the business. This intensive one day programme will show you how to complete tenders accurately and successfully. Let us show you what you should be completing, what you need to include as well as any added information that could help swing the vote your way.

 By attending this one day course, you will discover:

 ·         How to take advantage of “Preference Points” by complying carefully with the Issuer’s stipulations and ensuring compliance

·         Real guidelines on what you must fill in – what you can leave out – and extra “bonus information” you can include that gives your bid the added advantage

·         The latest legislation pertaining to tendering, how it affects you and how to use these changes to optimise your bidding process

·         How to position your tender correctly under the 90:10 and 80:20 BEE preference points system recently implemented under the Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act

·         Time saving methods when completing tenders and compiling documents guaranteed to speed up the tender process

·         The dynamic ways in which you can set your organisation apart from your competitors

·         Presenting your tender successfully by using dynamic and engaging presentation skills

·         Determine how to assess and manage the many risks involved in tendering for big business / government tenders

Course Outline


Constitutional provisions for public sector supply chain management

Module 2

Compiling the winning tender response

 Module 3

Identifying and managing tender risk

 Module 4

Post bid procedures and negotiations

 Module 5

Presenting the tender using focused presentation skills

 Module 6

Legislation you need to adhere to

 Module 7

Successfully bidding for government contracts

 Learning Outcomes

·                     Understand the legislative environment for Public Sector Supply Chain  Management processes

·                     Understanding the tendering bid cycle for contracts and “one-off” business

·                     Assessing the benefits and risks a tender may present your organisation

·                     Accurately assessing client needs and the value in establishing a relationship early on

·                     Gauging your organisation’s ability to meet the tender requirements

·                     Exploring the possibility of joint ventures

·                     Implementing management systems to reduce response times

·                     Developing winning bid strategies

·                     Practical tips on getting through pre-qualification stages, whilst maintaining a strict alignment with the latest corporate governance guidelines

·                     Using tendering as a powerful vehicle with which to implement visible and effective good corporate governance

 Who should attend?

All employees dealing with tenders and responsible for submitting documents, including administrative support staff, secretaries, managers and supervisors.

Dates and Times:
  • Thu 12 September 2019  08:30 to 16:30
Type: Course
Venue: CESA Training Centre, Paulshof, Johannesburg , Paulshof
Fee: R 3 950.00 excl. VAT
Validation Number/s: CESA-940-10/2019
CPD Points: 1
Coordinator: Blessings Banda