Time to accelerate implementation of the NDP

Recent talks that the National Development Plan (NDP) is fatally flawed and impossible to implement, are worrying and cause for concern when in the State of the Nation Address, Government adopted the NDP as a route map with the aim of eliminating poverty and reducing inequality in our country. 
The issues raised in the criticism of the NDP calling it “fatally flawed and pathetic”, and doubting its effective implementation are certain to be put to bed as soon as the plan is rolled out. 
Consulting Engineers South Africa (CESA) is on record welcoming and supporting the NDP which provides a long term vision for the planned provision of essential infrastructure.
It is important to note that the NDP is a vision outlining long-term deliverables (the ‘what’) while the implementation process (the ‘how’) remains open for debate.
Both theory and practice have proven that a long-term focus on infrastructure provision not only benefits society by improving the quality of life for all, but it achieves economic growth by providing a platform of certainty for investment, job creation and business opportunities.
“CESA is extremely disappointed that the long term visionary goals of the NDP appear to have been placed on hold while our members eagerly anticipate the rollout of the programme.  Let us see more action rather than talk because these actions will boost business confidence in the country,” states CESA CEO Graham Pirie.
“We need policy certainty from the government,” he emphasises.
Pirie adds that the unblocking of the construction pipeline will create more jobs which will improve the quality of life of the people in the country.
CESA believes that Government cannot acknowledge that the NDP is a roadmap for tackling the problems of poverty, inequality and unemployment and then remain silent on the matter. This is giving the wrong signal.
“Political will is needed to enforce the plan and yes we can update it along the way, but it is critical that the same resolve and urgency that that the country had in ensuring that 2010 infrastructure was delivered on time, is needed to accelerate the NDP going forward,” concludes Pirie.