CESA Supports Medium Term Budget focus on NDP

Consulting Engineers South Africa (CESA) is encouraged that the Medium Term Budget Policy Statement demonstrates government’s resolve to implement the National Development Plan (NDP).

“We have been vocal about our support for the NDP as a roadmap and urged the government to provide the much required political leadership in ensuring the plan is implemented for the benefit of society and growth of our economy. We are pleased that the plan is taking its rightful centre stage and Government is assured of our backing in ensuring that the ideals and fundamentals of the plan are realised,” avers CESA CEO Lefadi Makibinyane.

CESA is also pleased that rigorous procurement reforms are being initiated, especially in infrastructure project management, to strengthen service delivery, eliminate waste and root out corruption. In reviewing the procurement system, the State will also ensure that its contribution to broad-based black economic empowerment and local industrial development is reinforced.

“We have moved to the implementation of the plan. Going forward, all delivery agreements, sector plans, departmental strategic plans, as well as provincial and municipal plans will be aligned to the NDP. Taking the plan as point of departure, Cabinet has agreed to a budget framework which protects our fiscal position and supports policies and programmes that support inclusive, sustainable growth,” declared Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan.

This is a framework that acknowledges that there is hard work ahead – and recognises that a faster growing economy is in everyone’s interest. We all gain, when more people have work. We all gain, when our firms can compete on international markets. We all gain, when rising incomes contribute to greater capacity for public service delivery. We all gain, when our divisions and inequality fade into history and we celebrate a shared more prosperous future.

Makibinyane believes that for the NDP to be successfully implemented business needs better understanding of decision making process within government and state owned entities.

“Deploying consulting engineering professionals is fundamental to efficient planning and design of any infrastructure development project. Effective implementation of the infrastructure programme requires systemic changes, which require an improvement in overall skills levels particularly professional engineering skills. Lessons learnt and experience need to be shared between government and business through essential sector partnerships.”

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