Celebrating Engineering Excellence

In order to showcase the quality, innovation, outstanding workmanship and professionalism of the Consulting Engineering industry, Consulting Engineers South Africa (CESA) hosts jointly with Aon South Africa, a prestigious event known as the 'CESA Aon Engineering Excellence Awards'.

CESA and Aon are proud to host this annual event as a platform to showcase the outstanding achievements of the CESA member firms. The Awards focus on consulting engineers and their clients who initiate and fund projects that promote the advancement of our nation and the people of the continent.

This prominent event is one of the highlights in the engineering industry calendar and 2015 Awards promises to be better than ever. The event is widely attended by the engineering Who's Who of South Africa including clients, related institutions and Associations.

The Awards recognise outstanding achievements in the engineering industry and provides the opportunity for guests to network with member firms and clients. There is no denying that as those responsible for planning and designing engineering projects, consulting engineers are at the forefront of infrastructure development. Our country's National Development Plan (NDP) was created in order to develop the South African economy through identified infrastructure development as key to the socio economic development of the country, especially as adequate infrastructure is one of the areas crucial to encouraging investment.

With Government's plan to grow the economy and triple GDP by 2030 the consulting engineering industry has a significant role to play in achieving this growth through infrastructure provision.

CESA Acting CEO Wally Mayne says that the Awards underpin the excellent quality of work that our member firms are capable of delivering to help South Africa move forward. "We take great pride in the competency of CESA members, who play a pivotal role in South African society and in the greater South African economy. The progress of this country and its sustainability is touched on a daily basis by some facet of engineering and without this national resource, the vast majority of development and upliftment we need would not happen", avers Mayne.

Aon has been a longstanding supporter of the CESA Aon Engineering Excellence Awards. "CESA's strive for excellence echoes our unwavering support of professionals, particularly independent consulting engineers, in South Africa," says Meggyn Marot, Principal Broker for Professional Risks at Aon South Africa. "The awards provide a platform from where we can celebrate the triumphs of the industry in addition to providing the means for the industry to successfully navigate the risks that professionals face in their daily activities," adds Marot.

CESA, a Not-For-Profit entity established in 1952 to self-regulate the consulting engineering professional service, today boasts over 500 member firms which employ in excess of 23 500 highly skilled people. This sector as a Trusted Advisory is ready to assist Government with the implementation of the NDP. This is particularly important if we are to increase employment and overcome inequality within our vibrant country to meet the NDP 2030 targets.

The CESA AON Engineering Excellence Awards will be held on August 12, at the Vodadome, Vodaworld in Midrand from 18h30. The cost per table (10 seats) is R13.450.00 (excluding VAT) and individual seating is available at R1550.00 (excluding VAT). CESA invites and welcomes the attendance of all industry role players. Please visit our website: http://www.cesa.co.za/awards to make your booking. See you there!